Saturday, 22 September 2012

So how much do you actually care for YOU?

Yes... You! Don't look behind you as though I'm talking past you!
I'm talking to you, the one staring at these words.

It's time for an intervention friend!

I want you to consider something that you have already heard about before... but I'm sure you've just rolled your eyes at, saying to yourself; "yes, yes... I know, I know, I'll do it when I have a little more money, a little more time, when I have this sorted out or when I have that... or when that person starts to..." ect, ect, ect!

This is what I want you to ask yourself (for maximum effect, look in the bathroom mirror as though you are chatting with you best friend):

"How are you feeling right now?"

Soften your eyes when you ask, like you are really interested and concerned, like a really close friend whom you know you can be intimate and vulnerable in front of. Answer your question in the same manner. Try not to play it down...time to be honest and open.

The basic science:

We are all hard wired to for the need to care and be cared for. Often this becomes mostly imbalanced when give up our personal care practices or known better as sacrificing for others around us or by bad emotional experiences. Funny thing is we more often don't accept help or care as readily as we offer it. In other words, we are very good at caring and putting everyone else's needs before our own. Yet we crave the love of others. Sometimes we're even filled with what feels like unmet needs & desires form those we love. There's nothing wrong with that... unless it's from a place of neediness.
Our brains are wired to mimic the behaviours and feelings we see in our circles of influence through a system of mirror neuron that fire off in certain ways. This is an automatic and subconscious function that cause logical and emotional responses that mirror what we see in those who surround us.
Of course we have a choice through the practices of consciousness or intrinsic emotional intelligence, but the more we behave in particular ways the more these neurological connections fire off; the more we strengthen these synapses and pathways, therefore the more likely we are in getting the same responses outcomes and in our own behaviours.

We feel what we see and we give what we ourselves experience or wish to experience. That brings up a tone of questions for more exploration because we attach what we see and experience to our self worth. Does this resonate?
That leaves much to be said on the subject of how we can be shaped and conditioned by our peers, parents, and other circles of influence and how that affects our beliefs about ourselves, the world, about emotional expression, which do shape our feelings of worthiness for this very broad matter on self-love.

Naaa, just kidding LOL!
It was once thought that your genetics determined the biggest part of your disposition and that learning couldn't be changed after a certain time frame of development, which is strange to me as many extraordinary, innovative people through the ages have broken the social norms to reach and stand up for a better life.

So how can we re-open and rewire these pathways so that we can experience a more self-content life?
How can we become more  aware of going into  protection/defence mode and avoid the biological processes in deepening our emotional emptiness? How can we be less needy and less dissatisfied by the results others give us? How do we shift unhealthy expectations?
How can we actually change the way we perceive and think?
How do we overcome the conditioning of those past experiences that are no longer serving our actual needs and visions of the future we so much want? How do you learn to put you first?

Luckily there is something you can do to step up the self-love factor. From there, everything else takes care of itself as you take this conscious effort and journey into what you really want to feel and foster in your life

Why it is important to care for you first:

Did you know that babies love looking at themselves in the mirror? Did you know that you love hearing the  sound of your own name when someone else calls it out?

The first thing is that your life depends on it! Lack of basic self-care can and will lead to a fluctuating emotional state and moods, unbalanced, a poorly focused and negative mind and poor body health & image etc. Obviously , the lack of the most basic self-care actions can lead to death. we are wired to want to preserve our lives... but sometimes we do it only to a certain point. All these things can lead to health problems, stress, anxiety chronic illnesses & even cause death if not taken care of. The body has a way of telling you what it needs, and when you ignore whichever system is calling for your attention, it will shout louder until you are forced to pay attention.

The practice of self-love will reign in more emotional intelligence in articulating on identifying what it is you are feeling firstly, and also helps you relate to those around you. When this happens you are practising self-awareness which will spur on the feeling of more wholeness, more congruence and coherence on all levels and systems in your life.... and guess what... You'll want to serve those around you more and you'll have the capacity to do so without feeling drained or spread out thinly. Self-care = bigger aptitude for service. Service is what give us meaning and charge like Brendon Burchard would say (Author of "The Charge)".

You will inevitably have a better self-confidence because how you see yourself is what actually counts the most to you. Not others so much as you think (sure, to some degree it matters to us, we all want validity). The proof lies in the fact that you are your biggest critic. You criticize because deep down you want to be better and have your own back. There's no better feeling than being whole and self-sustaining.
I'll say it again... happier you means a more present you for family and friends. So is it selfish to claim some space for you? HELL-TO-THE- NO!

When you show others that you care and respect yourself, you teach them how to treat you and you teach them how to treat themselves too. What better gift is there that you can teach those you love? You want them to care for themselves as best they can, right? How did you figure that that's any less true for you?
So stop making yourself feel guilty for a little alone-time or recharge time with you. I can hear you saying... "but Mads... I have kids that demand my (insert excuse) or "the house won't clean itself" how about you delegate, "I just don't have the time" REALLY? If that's the case, I think you're a little chicken and scared of spending some time with you. LOL, this takes practice & tons of consciousness as the old habits & ways of guilt-tripping yourself for putting you first will show up until you really start feeling & believing that you are totally worth being first.

How do I know? Huh... lets just say I learnt this the hard way, and if you are having as much as a human experience as I am then I know you can relate. 

Here's my next confession:

As a yoga teacher I am not taking care of myself as I really should and I know it. I blame it on time, money, circumstances, running a business and all those other things that it makes it easy for me to give away the responsibility I have of taking care of ME.

I eat too much or don't eat at all. I skip meals as I get to enveloped or obsessed with work. I got all stressed out and in May & I broke out with adult onset acne because of how stressed out I got. It was NUTZ! I drive a little recklessly on my scooter. I don't drink as much water as I should or feed my body the right nutrients it actually needs to function optimally. This winter, I just can't count on my fingers how many times I have fallen sick with the flue... as I was writing parts of this post, I was still waiting for the remnants of the last round of flue to leave (I am better now ;)). If I'm not careful, the threat of recurring illness is fast to step up. More often than not... my mental focus feel slow and sluggish, my memory is affected and without the correct prospective on self-values... I am prone to slipping into anxious states of worry ans stress and yes, if I let myself... I can sink into depression. Nutrition plays a bigger role than you might think, and I know this. That's not me being my best, my highest version of myself for the life I actually want to live. It's the opposite and it's shit.

I used to sink into depression quite easily... and I must say that even when I don't take care of myself like I should, I don't slip into such lows because of a basic understanding I have on how I work.

It's so easy not to take care of yourself. The state on the inside will show up on the outside and you don't want to get to the point where you need to do severe damage control. 

You should know that you are a wonderful being, that you deserve to have space, to feel happy, safe, contents, adventurous, nurtured, confidant, beautifully inperfect and all those other things you imagine and wish for yourself... 'Cause you're just down-right FABULOUS!

So I made a commitment to myself & I invite you to do the same:

I bought myself a promise ring. I bought it because last year was the year I felt that I compromised myself in a very unloving way. This promise ring I have is a commitment that I made to myself to put me first after I defined my values and identified my growth needs. I even date myself, I love going on dates with me, I get spoilt with quality me time. Why don't you try it? remember how happy you felt browsing the book shelf at incredible books, maybe buying a book you knew you were going to love indulging in? (insert other memory you love doing by yourself) go do it.

Make a commitment to yourself for better self-love and care. Following through with any commitments you make to yourself. It  is what FEEDS the self-esteem, lessens the self-critic and builds your own set of integrity rules that you know you'll stick to. When you truly value something and you give it the important status of "Insert something you value deeply", you're going to lovingly take care of it.
(When you undermine your values or your needs to put someone else's need first, don't you feel awful? I do. I have learnt the the reason I feel that awful is because I let myself down... yet again. But don't be too hard on yourself okay... You know what else is cool? saying your going to do better next time and make it a challenge  "Challenge accepted" as Barney Stinson would say. The nice thing is you get to give yourself as many chances as you like.)

Your assignment, should you choose to step up and accept it (can you hear the James Bond song in your head) is:


1) Draw a list of the areas YOU KNOW you've been slaking in the self care department. List them all in your journal. Once you're finished with the list; on a new piece of paper, write some action steps (baby ones) that you can take to start stepping it up a notch in that area.
I'll share a few of my own with you as an example:
  • I've been slacking with nutrition.
  • Mental focus = not so sharp as a result.
  • lowered immune system & prone to catching flue
  • Inclined to anxiety & stress.
these things I listed above all work off each other. If the nutrition is off, your mind will suffer, your health, and each thing spurs on more of the negative stuff you don't enjoy feeling. Lets just say it snow-balls.

so my counter list or my empowering action list goes like this: (Of course I'll do this in baby steps)
  • Elimination junk food & sugar.
  • Better skin care routine.
  • Eliminate milk/ dairy products (didn't help the sinuses or acne).
  • Eat a more PH balanced diet (more greens and fresh produce).
  • Avoid wheat (causes to much bloating & discomfort).
  • Get onto Omega 3 oils ( feeds the brain, helps the mood & other awesome functions).
  • Get onto a multi-vitamin supplement.
  • Get in enough protein (more plant based = low acidity and limit animal based protein... uh-hem, unless it's sushi of course).
  • Practice my mediation and coherence methods to bring my prospective back into balance.
  • Drink more water... (start with a glass as I wake up).
  • ect.
my list is pretty long... But really look into your nutrition, this makes a huge difference in self-care. To me the most important thing to start with is nutrition.

2) Now share this post with a friend, because you are going to need an accountability partner. You're going to fill them in on about you wanting to take more care of yourself. And because they are your friend, ask them to  help you on some of these things eg. if you drink way to much when out, your friend can remind you of your goals. (goals are there because you want to feel a certain way, entry for an entire other blog post). You never know, this might inspire your friend to join you on your new self-love and self-approved adventure, therefore you feel even more awesome for inspiring someone else into more self love! BAM!

Refer to other blog entry on love & cleaning up the self love-act: Out Hidden Hearts of Gold It's obviously one of my favourite topics. LOL

Marie Foleo ~ "It's okay to start before you're ready" GO!

Warning: this is a lifelong relationship you’ll have with yourself… perhaps the longest one you will ever have! You can’t divorce or dump yourself… but you can ignore it and treat yourself badly. Who wants a bleak connection like that; surely not you?

So what are you going to do about it?
Are you mad about your life or are you Mad, crazy-in-love with your life?

You a little stumped? Well, I'll help you out with some suggestions to get the fire started!

  • You can enrol for some Mad About Yoga; Private Yoga Coaching with me. Here bringing the art of mindfulness, movement and other methods that will step up your self-love in all areas of your well-being. Check out the different options available (something affordable for every pocket) on the Blog Site for Mad About Yoga.
  • Mad About Yoga general early morning yoga classes @ the dojo: About the classes
  • Check out tips, inspiration, yoga facts, Yoga event updates etc on the Mad About Yoga on the Facebook Page
  • Free yoga, hiking, boot camp ets on the O2 FitClub Facebook Page.
Hope we can meet soon & chat about how to step up your practice of self-love. Please feel free to leave your resonating thoughts and comments & share this post using the feeds bellow.

The Mad Yogini ~ Madelain

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What a Scooter Accident Taught Me about Dying & Rebirth!

On Thursday the 28th of June 2012 I had a scooter accident. It happened as I was on my way to reach a private client our weekly session.

Both the driver and I were at fault. Luckily it wasn't too serious.
I injured my right shoulder. I have lost the usual range of motion in the shoulder as well as strength. Other than that I had a few scratches bruises and some road graze. My scooter was a complete write off! The other woman's car had a damaged side mirror, that was it.

The following days I was totally stiff and could barely move my right arm. I recovered quite quickly and was teaching yoga by the following Tuesday. I decided to cancel all public classes I was teaching and just teach my three private clients. As I was teaching my first private session of the week, my arm started to feel better during the warm up. I was very grateful for that.

I realised how lucky I was to have discovered yoga. it's probably because of my flexibility through my yoga practice that I had gotten away with only a sore shoulder. I felt hope creep back into my heart.

After the accident over the weekend. I was feeling very lost and a little bitter. I could feel that my hope, zest & courage had all sunk. I was feeling bitter for my situation... bitter that I couldn't afford a safer means of transport, bitter towards the person who turned into me, bitter towards my husband for not allowing me to have perused my dreams earlier so that we would never have fought so much & then I would never have had to separate our relationship, bitter towards the world for demanding so much to survive. I wanted to blame everyone else for my circumstances, because I felt like I had to sacrifice my life for what I wanted & couldn't get a break.
It took a while for the lesson to sink in, but YES, I have to give up my old life for the one I want to make!

I won't be able to enjoy the life I want if I don't leave the one I had behind or at least my old self. And there I was, blaming the whole world again just like I used to. Sometimes things don't always go as planned. In my case, I wasn't fully present and acted on impulse rather than approaching with caution & a little reason, causing my part of the accident.

Of course, the accident didn't do any good for my business. July was probably my worst month of the year and it's been pretty hard to get students to come back to the early morning yoga classes that I do teach. I felt the uncertainness and my fears pulling me down. I also had to wait for insurance to pay out to get some new wheels. But on the ups side, it gave me the space to recover physically more. I'm still not out of the shiz, but I have a feeling things will pick up.
Do I still have that burning fire to pursue my dreams to be of more service through yoga movement & meditation? You can bet your old life I still do!

So what things are you not taking responsibility for? What are you feeling bitter over? Who are you blaming, condemning & not forgiving? Are you big enough to admit your part for being or staying in your situation? What actions steps can you make and execute towards that change you know you want?

The old you has to die, just as the phoenix does, so that you too can be reborn! If you don't, that life you're dreaming of will always be just outside your reach.

"Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix." ~ Christina Baldwin

Facing Uncertainties in All Areas of My life.

I think the last time I blogged, it was in March... Bad girl for not being more consistent with my journal entries and adventures.

Today I want to chat about uncertainties... since that constitutes a huge part in my life. I have chosen this to step into the path of uncertainty & stare it in the face. It is waaaay out of my comfort zone and it's something that is still so alien to my old habits of safety, certainty & stability. Sometimes I cower... But then I remember that I'm the author of my life & I stand up again.

I have finally given in to this nagging desire of my dreams which are as a result of my life experinces. I have big dreams... I won't reach the big vision for a while, but this is part of my direction and in a way is the destination in itself. I have chosen these following things:

  • To do something about feeling lack of self-worth and growth through:
  1. Working towards becoming financially independent by freelancing as a private yoga coach. I am going to stick to earning a living on my terms. I would rather work 24 hours for myself than work 1 hour for someone else when I have my own burning desire to do so.
  2. Educate myself in my fields of interest that are relevant to my particular "calling" in personal growth & development through research & application.
  3. I want to reach out & offer what I have learnt, know and have applied to others so they too can apply these methods & empower their own lives. I believe that abundance comes from being of service and isn't it lucky that what I want to do with my life fits right in with service. Recently I have learnt that you can't lack your way into abundance. When I heard that... It was the most profound wake up call because I know how easy it is to get stuck, feeling like you have been done in, wishing for the life of your dreams. If you know me... I don't subscribe to woo woo hippy concepts, but this is true. An attitude of lack & dissatisfaction to get more of what your really want. Too often we live and act from a place of what we don't have, because it's SO IN YOUR FACE! But know this, there is a way to change that, but it starts with awareness on your own attitude; so I'll say it again:

"You can't lack your way into abundance!"

  • I have chosen to start up my own business. I'm a solopreuneer (for now)! I started working for myself out of a burning desire, a little stubbornness, plenty of persistence, blood, sweat and tears (all are literal). I knew this was going to be difficult with zero capital, no real plan except for a dream, limited access to the internet and the list can go on... But I chose it. This forces me to expand my skills until I can delegate some more.
  • I chose to move away from my hubby, leaving (then) my three years old sun under his roof because I couldn't afford my own place. I stay with two house-mates and my husband still generously contributes to my expenses as I try to build my empire. I chose this... Luckily I live down the road and get to spent time & see my baby every day. Many other parents don't have it that easy. My heart goes out to them.
Now I wont list all the difficulties that I encounter with the above mentioned (your eyes might glaze over), but every day... I am faced with uncertainty. Uncertainty as to wether there will be a need for what I have to share, if I will ever have the capability to be financially independent. I am fine with partners agreeing to support eachother, but I'm not that girl. I'm growing into my womanhood and in my eyes, I'm a little of a late starter, but that's okay. Uncertainty is a part of growth... Uncertainty can cause a lot of stress, anxiety and if you don't get a hold on it, it will also consume you into a hefty depression, constant anxiety and stress, lowered immune system, chronic inflammation and all sorts of compromising health problems. Remember... only if you allow it to rule your life. Don't be ruled by it.

Uncertainty and the resulting emotions around it is actually a pretty useful thing. It drives us into action (work). That is it's purpose. When you bring uncertainty into balance with trust (on your maker's or the universe's part), add a little action to that (on your part) then hook that all up with some clear prospective, then you will be the winner!

Truth 1:

The truth is that growth and all those things you dream about, happen outside of your comfort zone! No wonder we never even want to look into that direction unless we are forced to at worst. Some days I am so scared and stressed that I physically get ill, because I forget that I have everything I need, that I am looked after (faith). It's when I start feeling lack and allow the old paradigm of victimisation creep back in, that's when things go downhill.
Getting it right means you have to take a leap of faith into what might be a little uncertain for you and then keep your clear prospective in place when it gets tough.
I left my Mormon faith and haven't picked up a Bible since, but Mastin Kipp reminded me of a verse that is a universal truth in it"Faith without works is dead"

Check out his blog on this topic, it blew my mind because of how I resonate: The Daily Love: "So you say you have faith huh?" Its great, talking about what exactly faith means.

Truth 2:

There will always be uncertainty in your life, because you DO NOT have control over other aspects of life. Yet, as humans we seek to control as many things as we want to avoid uncertainty! Sure we can have control over the choices we make, but we don't have control over others or their choices. Trying to control everything will land you in some pretty unhealthy situations, trust me!
I'm not saying that there is no space for planning, preparation or achievement etc., of course there is an end game. But in order to have meaningful and amicable relationships/interactions, we need to know who we are (or at least start figuring that out), act according to our integrity/authenticity, respect other's spaces and just let the rest be.

Truth 3:

Facing the unknown motivates our action and here it's often where the most creativity is born out of... It's where the growth happens and where you (on the best days) will feel the most alive! With the right perception, belief in yourself and your dream, facing uncertainties is just another natural part of life and its process. In fact, we all subconsciously CRAVE it! Your biology demands that you evolve, it is an inherent quality we are all borne with, it's natures way of improving our survival skills.

Truth 4: 

You can control your character & your outlook to the things that happen outside of your control. The meaning you give these occurrences is 100% in your control & knowing this is what can help you to live a more meaningful life. You can choose it. No, that doesn't mean ignoring stuff that needs addressing; but like Brendon Burchard says in his book, "The Charge":

"...It turns out that the grandest needle mover in your depth of control over your life is your outlook, the quality of the meaning you attach to the events in your life and your future."

So what uncertainties do you have about your life?
How can you learn to keep the fear, anxiety and stress at a healthy level?
What are your breakthrough moment of clarity from uncertainty?

"The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them." 

~ Denis Waitley, author, keynote lecturer and productivity consultant

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Our Hidden Hearts of Gold

These are the thoughts that spawned in February 6 2012. I sent it out to my Yoga students:

I saw this quote & I wanted to share my thoughts with you. But first the quote:

"Indeed our hearts are golden treasures, but a true tragedy would be to conceal your inner gold because you are afraid of someone stealing it or it falling and breaking. There is no love in fear. The great wisdom of the ages always tells us the more we Love the more of it you receive. Love is not a giving or a taking, it is a state of being - a one way street of allowing, accepting and holding a space for all things to be exactly as they are. Fear not that your heart will be broken or stolen. Love becomes love. Give it away with no expectation of return and soon you will be having a love affair with the whole world!" - Jackson Kiddard

In order to offer love in whatever form, it has to come from somewhere…
When it comes to the topic of ‘love’, my biggest thoughts follow a trail on the topic of loving others to the roots. Where is the place that this love comes from that we offer to others? Do we offer it, or do we give it because we need it in return? Therefore, why is that ‘need’ to be loved there?
I don’t have every answer to the broad topic of all things love, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s thoughts will be different, but to me the following makes sense.

All I know is what I have experienced. All I wanted was for others to love me. So, I behaved in the ways I thought others would approve of. We all do it. 
There came a time in my early 20’s were that need for acceptance become a life-line for me, why because I felt UGLY!… but when that life-line only extended so far… I looked in all other directions before I was forced to look behind me… okay not quite behind, more like in the space before behind and in front of the front (yes, I just deliberately said it that way). I call that the inward place AKA our inner state of being.
Obvious right? Yes, easy to find ‘cause we’re in our heads all day, but difficult to deal with or clean up that space.
And once you start poking around in there … Well, it’s like a messy & miff bedroom that seriously needs to get the Clean House crew from channel 183 in; but way worse! You just want to shut that bedroom door up!

You have to be a warrior and shifttoss outlet golet in… and all these processes mostly happen in your head. It’s the internal conversations you have with yourself which stem fromself-imposed & maybe not so self-imposed beliefs about who and what you are. As for the part about: “…accepting and holding a space for all things to be exactly as they are….” Well, what I think about that place is; acceptance of the process because everything is already there. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be on your journey… Often we get impatient and then quite, or we go in full steam ahead only to get spat right out, perhaps that is part of it too.

So how does this relate to golden love and letting it shine? Well… stay with me here; that golden light that emanates from your golden heart cannot be seen buried underneath all that dirt of the things we choose to hide it under. That state of ‘being’ love that the quote talks about is there! We’re all capable of being that more consistently, but there are things that need a little cleaning first.

What are those things?
I can come up with a few of my own examples… self-sabotaging thoughts like: I am so young but so ugly after the birth of my child, I have no formal education, I’m really not good enough to do this, what do I have or know & how dare I even think that I have something to offer anyone? I am not intelligent enough, I never follow through with anything that is important to me, I’m so forgetful, I’m so obnoxious, too loud, my parents weren’t there for me, I don’t really have a home,  I have no money, I am not thin enough, pretty enough, fast enough, strong enough, I’m too soft and people walk all over me, I am so different and never really fit in anywhere, my grammar and spelling sucks (thanks God for spellcheck!)

The list would literally go on for pages if I had to continue that same old broken record that has the same thousands of tragic songs that get stuck on play too often. And you know what I’m talking about here because you have your own record collection. These records we play to ourselves affect the way we treat ourselves, others and the way others treat us.

My point is; that no consistent real love can be offered to others until we start cleaning up our‘inward’ space. Until then… we just borrow the love that others are borrowing themselves most of the time. Until you become aware of that inward space, and get curious enough to look inside, clear out all the garbage, (because you know something valuable is inside there)… we are really just thriving, dependently on others to feed us ‘something’ we can actually produce and expand within ourselves. (That was a long sentence; you might need to read that again.)
And I’m going to describe that ‘something’ as this: Self-Love!
Once you clear out that inward space a little, you’ll find that golden heart, you’ll display it for all to see and share it because you now are sure of what you have to offer is enough to sustain you and have more than enough to give away freely. To me this is what the state of ‘being’ love is.

Warning: this is a lifelong relationship you’ll have with yourself… perhaps the longest one you will ever have! You can’t divorce or dump yourself… but you can ignore it and treat yourself badly. Who wants a bleak connection like that; surely not you?
Where do you start to when clearing out this inward space?
Here are some ideas:
  • Learn to just connect with your breath! This simple, simple… (in fact too simple of a thing to really pay attention to) tool is a great distraction for these broken records, ‘cause it forces presence.
  • The mind needs to be told who’s boss, and that’s you! Train it, meditation is a good place to start.
  • And an even more obvious way to get to that ‘inward’ place is through asana practise (posture practise) for many reasons, but the most obvious one is to draw out the challenge of discomfort (mind) and reigning in the focus… over all the noise of the “I cant’s”!
  • These first three are pretty powerful tools to have and they work!
  • My next suggestion is this: cultivate a relationship with yourself. Take yourself out on dates! Do something that feeds your interests! Start with an hour somewhere during you hectic week, no one else (leave the partner, hubby, girlfriend, crushes, wife, children, dogs, cats, friends etc. behind), just YOU! Schedule it IN your diary! Tip: plan what you are going to do as not to waste time and thought during your hour! 
Last thought on the topic:  What you have to share from that inward place is pretty darn big!...!!!
AND when you take care of yourself first; everything else will come right in-line with what you’re doing (but you already know this!) You might even shine your light so brightly that it will spark something in someone else… After all, love is meant to be shared!

Happy LOVE month to you!
Other M.A.Y. announcements: 
Did you know M.A.Y. offers a reward program? If you bring along 5 friends to yoga class, you will receive a 10 class card, values at R500 (valid for 1 month) for Free! So get talking… get networking

I’m planning on posting short YouTube videos for you guys to practise some awesome yoga at home when you can’t get to class. Here I am going to encourage you to send me your requests for the things you would specifically like to work on & know more about. So please send all your requests to with the words “Mad YouTube Yoga request” in the subject line. (just so that I know where to save these away in safe space).

I am so grateful for all the wonderful new faces I have met this past January! Thank you for taking the time to come to a class. The classes have not always been full as a self start up yoga space, but 
with your support and kindness, M.A.Y. has the potential to grow, spread and become a welcoming sanctuary for all those who are brave enough to face themselves on the mat. It's not easy, and you guys are real warriors for returning, because really every time you come, you really become your own master by facing and pushing through all kinds of fears and doubts, whatever they are!

To all those wonderful people who have connected with me on Facebook and phone calls! I hope to meet you soon in person! Thank you all for your encouragement and support! Now get your Asana (booty) down to class. 
You are going to love learning new insights into mindfulness and movement.

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That concludes this month’s newsletter

I hope to see you on the mat soon again & I look forward to meeting many of you yet!


Madelain Burgoyne
Mad About Yoga
Head Mad Yogini

Moving Mountains

Lion's Head... One of the Mountain's in my back yard.

I'm totally convinced that this is the theme for the day... I have read two friends Facebook posts about personal growth and goal setting today, and I even received a quote in an e-mail today relating to this topic of growth, vision, transformation, goals... whatever name you give this very interesting and multifarious principle of life.

Which got me thinking about the words to a song I heard while watching a movie?
So I have another confession to make...
I watched the first Hannah Montannah movie... And I loved it! Sjoe, what a load off my chest! There, I said it LOL!

There was one particular song that stuck out to me. The melody is divine and the words are even more sublime! 
Any person who has known struggle in life will definitely resonate with these words.
Usually, we are stuck feeling sorry for ourselves in the situations we are challenged by (if this so happens to not be like you, I'm sure you've experienced an off-day at least.)

At times we feel like giving up. If there is no goal, there is no vision and if there is no vision there is misery & suffering and a sense of lack in purpose. Today I read, that suffering is a choice. It's not the first time I've heard it (I've actually dived deep into thought on this, but it's a whole other conversation.) Bottom line is that even if we don't inflict it, we choose to stay in it.
In short, if there is no vision, there is stagnation... And naturally as beings of creation (we have this ability to create stuff) if we are not creating, we become miserable, directionless, fearful, negative, our growth becomes stumped and we end up wishing for something better.

When we are moving in the direction towards something we want to achieve, this is when life becomes meaningful and more contentment is felt.
All it takes is for you to test the theory out long enough for the universal truth of moving forward to light your fire. The more you align yourself with your vision, taking action towards achieving it, the more that vision will become set ablaze... until it's an unquenchable furnace for growth, development, self-improvement, joy, bliss, connectedness with yourself and others that you might inspire along the way.  You might even meet others who inspire you even more and get you along a little further. You might know what I'm talking about here, because we've all been on a roll at some stage in our lives.

Reaching the goal is not where the growth or happiness come from... It's the actual heading towards it! If you're looking to the end without being present in your journey, you’re likely to give up before you've even had a chance to feel it.
I'm going to say it again...One of my core messages to people who want to see change in their lives is this:
Real transformation happens when the realisation of the journey hits centre. Meaning that, once you stop stressing and obsessing over the goal and allow for your enjoyment of the journey towards the goal to happen... Everything you want transformed starts happening... only then and no sooner! Learn who you are, Lear to like you, then be yourself unapologetically and unequivocally.

When I started mountain biking I really sucked at the hills, I dreaded them, but I was inspired by so many strong riders that pass my on the way up. They make it look effortless. I wanted to become as strong as they were. I did get better... My attitude changed as I listened and regulated my breath. The burning in the legs became a feeling of connectedness with my body and in turn turned into a sensation I enjoyed feeling. Cycling up hills became a focus and on a really good day... it becomes a meditation for me. The same thing happens to me when I hold my Warrior postures. I try to remember my biking metaphor for my challenges of the bike and off the yoga mat.
The hills in my life, really serve me as my greatest teachers. I know that I will lose sometimes... But I’m still going to get over those mountains. As I keep meeting new ones, I integrate with myself, building and discovering new strengths (and weaknesses, which in turn become strengths if I don’t ignore them) as I climbed new heights. So the journey doesn't become tedious, but the stumbling blocks towards my goals are really where the joys can be found.

I really loved this song, because it offered another take on what it means to overcome those, sometimes, insurmountable mountains we meet along our paths.

The Climb
lyrics: Songwriters: Alexander Mabe (I think), sung by Miley Cyrus

The Climb lyrics

I can almost see it 
That dream I’m dreaming but 
There’s a voice inside my head sayin,
You’ll never reach it, 
Every step I’m taking,
Every move I make feels 
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking but
I Got to keep trying 
Got to keep my head held high 

There’s always going to be another mountain 
I’m always going to want to make it move
 Always going to be an uphill battle, 
Sometimes you going to have to lose, 
Ain’t about how fast I get there,
 Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb 

The struggles I’m facing, 
The chances I’m taking 
Sometimes might knock me down but
No I’m not breaking
 I may not know it 
But these are the moments that
I’m going to remember most yeah 
Just got to keep going 
And, I, I got to be Strong
Just Keep pushing, oh

There’s always going to be another mountain
 I’m always going to want to make it move 
Always going to be an uphill battle, 
Sometimes you going to have to lose, 
Ain’t about how fast I get there,
 Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
 It’s the climb 

There’s always going to be another mountain
 I’m always going to want to make it move 
Always going to be an uphill battle, 
Sometimes you going to have to lose, 
Ain’t about how fast I get there, 
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
 It’s the climb 

Keep on moving
Keep climbing
Keep the faith baby 
It’s all about It’s all about 
The climb Keep the faith
Keep your faith 


If you haven't heard it here's the link: YouTube

Then last but not least the quotes I received today via e-mail:

"The real challenge is no to survive. Hell, anyone can do that. It's to survive as yourself, undiminished."
- Elia Kazan

Oh wait... last one
"This life yields to the thoughts of your mind and the actions you take. The goal is to be so in tune with your essence, your intuition and your Heart that this connection becomes the driving force in your life. When you are connected to your essence you are connected to the energy of the greater whole and will be guided towards greatness. When you trust yourself and express with heartfelt conviction that which you really are you flip the script on whatever is lacking in your life and draw it to you automatically."
- Jackson Kiddard

And now I'm going to stop talking... soon.
Leave your comments below. Your thoughts and additions are welcome... after all we are meant to share and offer a different take to make one big pool of collective wisdom. 
You guys inspire me!

P.S. feel free to share with your friends and loved ones.